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How to Locate Metal Pipes and Metal Pipe Covers with Metal Pipe Detectors

Metal Pipe detectors are designed to locate metal pipes and metal pipe covers when used effectively.

The location of laying metal pipes and the ground condition are very complicated and it is difficult for inspection of search coil. Therefore, it is not appropriate to choose motion modes. Non-motion modes: Pinpoint should be selected to locate metal pipes and metal pipe covers. The other characteristic of Pinpoint mode is the minor electromagnetic disturbance. This is very important in locating metal pipe.

First turn on the power button of a metal detector and select PINPOINT; Press and hold the PINPOINT button; move the search coil slowly and as closely as possible to the ground in the potential area with metal pipes. When the search coil is close to the metal pipes or metal pipe covers, the audio sent from metal detectors will turn louder and the signal strength (Header of LCD Panel) will become stronger. The audio will become lower and signal will be weaker when the metal detector is moved away from the metal pipe or pipe cover. The metal pipe or pipe cover can be located based on the change of audio and signal strength.

Sometimes, when the search coil is close to the ground, the metal detector will send out signals in all areas. This indicates that the ground condition is very complicated and ground balance is needed. If the metal detector in use has the adjustment of ground balance, please adjust it according to the manual. If there is no feature of ground balance adjustment, please follow the steps: raise the search coil; press and hold the PINPOINT button, move the search coil close to the ground, release the button for a few moment when the metal detector send out signals; press and hold the button again; The metal detector will have interior automatic balance and the signal disappear. When the search coil is moved up and down, the audio will not change. This indicates that the balance has been adjusted well. Move the search coil slowly and then look for the target. Attention: sensitivity will be lower when adjusting balance.

All kinds of metal detectors with PINPOINT have different locating distance and generally it is 50-100cm. Most metal detectors will enter the maximum sensitivity automatically under the PINPOINT mode. Sensitivity can be adjusted in some metal detectors under the PINPOINT mode. Please adjust it to the maximum sensitivity then.


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