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Forbest Accessories


ForBest Accessories include rechargeable battery pack & charger; soft cable (video cable); test cable; wall adapter; foam balls and skids; car charger; transmitter housing; 512HZ sonde transmitter.

Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack can last 4 hours after fully charged. The pack has the display of battery level and charging indicator lights. Please turn off the button on the pack while charging if there is absolutely no power left.

We have 5FT soft cable for portable camera and 9FT soft cable for mid-range and long-range camera. The soft cable connects the monitor and the cable & reel.

Test cable is only available for mid-range and long-range camera. Test cable connects the monitor and the part in the middle of the long cable to see if there are still any picture on the monitor to help check which part goes wrong.

Wall adapter connects the monitor and the wall jack to empower the camera.

Foam balls have 1-1/2”small and 2-1/4”medium size for 7/8”camera head w/or w/o built in transmitter.Usually small foam ball comes with the camera head and medium ball is put in the control station for any future use.

Skids which come with a set of 3 different size for different pipe size are for 1-1/2”or 2” self leveling camera head w/or w/o built in transmitter.

Both foam balls and skids are helpful to protect the camera head and centralize the camera head in the pipe

The 30FT car charger empowers the camera when your battery pack has run out of power on the jobsite.

Transmitter housing is designed for mid-range or long-range camera. 512HZ sonde transmitter is put into the transmitter housing so you can view the pictures while locating the signals. This is helpful if you have a regular camera head but now you want to pinpoint the location.

We now have two kinds of 512HZ sonde transmitter: the one that can be put in the transmitter housing and New powerful transmitter with longer locating distance of 35FT.







New 512 HZ Transmitter
New Powerful 512 HZ Sonde Transmitter- TL2001

Mi-Range Pipe Inspection Cameras w/200FT Cable & Reel w/Footage Counter
Long Range Pipe Inspection Cameras w/300FT Cable & Reel w/Footage Counter

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